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The LaikaVerse project has a well-defined roadmap that consists of two stages, with each stage consisting of several phases. Stage one of the roadmap will focus on launching key components of the ecosystem, starting with The Nexus, the LaikaVerse dApp. This will be followed by the introduction of the Laikanaut collection, the launch of the LAIKA token, and the establishment of The Academy, which will serve as the decentralized autonomous organization for the ecosystem. The final phase of stage one will mark the launch of The Stargate, the decentralized freelancer marketplace that will connect freelancers with clients.

  1. Phase 1 - Nexus Launch
  2. Phase 3 - Laikanauts Launch
  3. Phase 4 - LAIKA Token Launch
  4. Phase 5 - Academy Launch
  5. Phase 5 - Stargate Launch

Once stage one of the LaikaVerse roadmap has been completed, the LaikaVerse team will move on to stage two, which will focus on expanding the ecosystem even further. This will include the introduction of new features, platforms, and services that will build upon the foundation established in stage one, creating a rich and vibrant ecosystem for Laikanauts to explore and participate in.