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The LaikaVerse is a rich and dynamic ecosystem that offers a wide range of tools, services, platforms, and features that allow Laikanauts to fully explore and experience the world of blockchain and DeFi. From the Academy, which serves as the decentralized autonomous organization and platform for the LaikaVerse, to the Stargate, a decentralized freelancer marketplace, LaikaVerse offers a comprehensive suite of resources that provide Laikanauts with a unique and engaging experience in the virtual world. Whether you are interested in exploring the cutting-edge technology of blockchain and DeFi, or simply want to experience the thrill of virtual adventures, the LaikaVerse has everything you need to dive in and start exploring.

  • The Nexus (dApp)
  • The Academy
  • The Stargate (DFM)
  • Laikanauts
  • BONE
  • Rocket Fuel