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Stargate Overview

The LaikaVerse Decentralized Freelancer Marketplace, also known as the Stargate, is a cutting-edge platform that connects freelancers with people and businesses looking to hire. The Stargate is designed to offer a wide range of features that make it easy and secure to connect with freelancers, while providing robust functionality and user support. Some of the key features of the Stargate include an escrow system that ensures the safety of funds during a project, a mediator system that helps to resolve any disputes that may arise, a dispute resolution system that provides a fair and transparent means of settling disagreements, and a rating system that allows users to assess the performance of freelancers and make informed hiring decisions. These features, along with other key functionalities, are designed to provide secure and user-friendly support in a decentralized and anonymous fashion. The Stargate is an essential component of the LaikaVerse and a major step forward for the decentralized freelancer market.