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Website Patch Notes

Whats new in version 0.1.1

Release 03-09-2023

  • Fix airdrop close modal bug

Whats new in version 0.1.0

Release 03-08-2023

  • Add airdrop support
  • design changes for homepage

Whats new in version 0.0.17

Release 02-20-2023

  • Add timeline styles
  • Fix front page feature section

Whats new in version 0.0.16

Release 02-20-2023

  • Add timeline roadmap to homepage
  • Add patchnotes link and version to footer

Whats new in version 0.0.15

Release 02-19-2023

  • Fix links in blog and Social page
  • Minor changes to design and documentation

Whats new in version 0.0.14

Release 02-17-2023

  • Temporary header items (Buy LAIKA, The Nexus, The Academy, The Stargate)
  • Reword the 3 featured items area on home page
  • Change "Buy LAIKA" to "Coming Soon!"
  • Add Legal Disclaimer to bottom of website
  • Create patch notes section of wiki for Apps and Website