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App Launch

· 3 min read
Dark Seer

Explore the Boundless Potential of LaikaVerse, Now on iOS and Android

The LaikaVerse team is pleased to announce the launch of the LaikaVerse mobile app, available on both Android and iOS platforms. Our new mobile app includes full Web3 functionality and an API entirely built in-house, offering endless future-proof possibilities within the world of blockchain technology.

Thanks to the efforts of our lead Web3 and front-end developer, AFatalError, you will soon be able to access Laika anywhere you go — yes, even in space!

The LaikaVerse mobile app has been submitted for approval on both iOS and Android platforms and will be available for download within two weeks of this announcement. Initially, our mobile app will launch with limited functionality, including portfolio holdings tracking, live market data for our token, LAIKA, and access to news and additional information related to the project.

Additional functionalities such as our upcoming staking pools (stay tuned for more news regarding our pools very soon!) will be accessible directly via our app, and further services will continue to be added over time, establishing the LaikaVerse mobile app as the central hub for all things Laika. The team will have a detailed technical report and white paper available at, which will outline in detail the technical specifications and capabilities of the LaikaVerse app in the coming weeks.

The launch of the LaikaVerse Mobile App also marks a new direction for the LaikaVerse project. As always, DeFi moves fast, and so must Laika. To account for the latest developments in the blockchain space, we will soon be updating our website and mobile app with a brand-new roadmap, upcoming services, and other relevant information. The first of these services will be decentralized pools, allowing projects to provide a unique staking solution for their holders while also ensuring that the LaikaVerse team has access to a service-driven revenue stream, to solidify the long-term development of the project. Our lead Solidity and back-end developer, 0xBoots, is currently working on the contracts required for this capability, focusing on security and scalability. Additional news will be available once our staking pools enter the testing stage.

As always, we want to thank our community for their continued support. Laika’s journey would not be possible without our dedicated community members, who have followed Laika on her adventures for over two years. Laika represents more than just a token or a service; Laika embodies our community's commitment to learning, exploring, and innovating, and most importantly, to never giving up in the pursuit of pushing the boundaries of what is possible. On behalf of the LaikaVerse team, thank you, happy holidays, and here’s to many more years of Laika adventures!

Laika to space!