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Token Launch

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Dark Seer

LAIKA is preparing for launch on October 30th!

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At the heart of LaikaVerse are three defining principles:

  • Learning: In the dynamic landscape of cryptocurrency, we prioritize continuous learning. Staying updated with the latest trends, technologies, and insights is paramount for us. It ensures we make informed decisions and share accurate, up-to-date knowledge with our community.
  • Exploration: Drawing inspiration from Laika's pioneering journey into space, we're driven to explore the vast potentials of blockchain technology. With every project phase, we venture into new territories, eager to find innovative solutions and create value for our users.
  • Innovation: We're not just followers of existing technology; we're innovators. Our team continually strives to push technological boundaries, aiming to offer our community cutting-edge platforms and tools.

LAIKA Token Launch: A New Beginning on Pinksale

Our anticipated token launch on October 30th at 1 PM UTC represents a pivotal moment for LaikaVerse. This isn't just a token release; it's the first step in our roadmap, showcasing our commitment to our vision and community. We've chosen Pinksale as the platform to facilitate our token launch, a testament to the strength of our principal partnership. Pinksale's credibility and technical prowess ensure a smooth and secure launch process, and we're excited to embark on this journey with them by our side.


Strategic Partnerships: Amplifying LaikaVerse's Potential

LaikaVerse understands the importance of strategic collaborations in achieving ambitious milestones. Each of our partnerships brings unparalleled value, expertise, and resources that will strengthen our foundation and elevate our project. Here’s a closer look at our esteemed partners:

  • Pinksale: Our collaboration with Pinksale goes beyond just presale management. Pinksale, a recognized platform for facilitating token presales, will orchestrate a robust marketing campaign tailored for LaikaVerse. Their extensive network and expertise in the crypto arena ensures that LaikaVerse gains optimal visibility and reaches potential investors and enthusiasts across the globe.
  • DexView: In the volatile landscape of cryptocurrency, maintaining consistent market visibility post-launch is imperative. DexView, a leading platform offering market insights and analytics, partners with us to provide a continuous pulse on market trends, investor sentiments, and performance metrics. Their suite of tools and data-driven insights will be instrumental in steering LaikaVerse's growth trajectory and ensuring market resilience.
  • Solidproof: Security remains at the forefront of our priorities. In an era where trust is paramount, our alliance with Solidproof serves as an assurance to our community. Solidproof, renowned for its rigorous audit processes, will be examining our systems and protocols, ensuring that we uphold the highest standards of security, transparency, and operational integrity.

With a combined marketing value surpassing $50,000, these partnerships symbolize more than just collaborations. They are a reflection of our dedication, our foresight, and our unwavering commitment to deliver the best to our community.

The LaikaVerse Mobile App: Your Gateway to Next-Gen Crypto Experience

One week after our token's inaugural launch, we will introduce the LaikaVerse Mobile App, a tool designed to redefine the crypto-user experience and available on both iOS and Android platforms. This application isn't merely a utility; it's an evolution. Here's what you can anticipate:

  • Direct Blockchain Interaction: Our app will enable users to connect directly with the blockchain, streamlining transactions and facilitating seamless crypto exchanges.
  • Advanced Analytics Dashboard: Our in-app analytics tools will offer real-time insights, price alerts, and detailed breakdowns of your portfolio.
  • Integrated Future Platforms Access: The app will offer direct, privileged access to upcoming platforms like the Nexus, Stargate, and Academy.
  • User-Centric Design: Whether you're a crypto-veteran or a newbie, the app's design ensures ease of use without compromising on functionalities.
  • Secure Wallet Integration: Prioritizing the safety of users' assets, the app will feature advanced security protocols ensuring utmost protection.

Honoring Laika:

Laika's space journey is an emblem of bravery, determination, and the thirst for discovery. Her voyage serves as a poignant reminder of the courage to tread uncharted paths. On November 3rd, as we commemorate the anniversary of her pioneering orbit around the Earth, LaikaVerse has special activities and tributes planned to honor her legacy.


This day is not just a reflection of her voyage but an echo of what she represents for our project and community – the relentless pursuit of knowledge, the spirit of exploration, and the boundless possibilities that come with it. Our community will join hands in various engagements, celebrating the synergy between Laika's spirit and the core values of LaikaVerse: to learn, to explore, and to innovate. As we take this day to remember her contributions, we're also reigniting the flame of exploration she lit, propelling our community to look beyond the horizons and dream bigger than ever.

The LAIKA Token Contract: Ensuring Technical Integrity and Community Trust

The official LAIKA token contract address is: 0xf2C9c8e016A511EB0BF4823e340c3567d6De1390


For further trust-building, SolidProof will conduct an in-depth audit, ensuring the contract meets the highest security and functional standards. We invite our community to review the contract details on BscScan, strengthening our commitment to a community-centric approach.

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