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Laikanauts Airdrop

· 3 min read
Dark Seer

In the ever-evolving world of blockchain and decentralization, tokens and airdrops are not just seen as mere assets or transactional benefits, but also as a way of acknowledging, appreciating, and rewarding loyal community members. In line with this ethos, the LaikaVerse recently conducted the much-anticipated Laikanauts Airdrop Whitelist Subscription, in recognition of the community's continued support since Laika's initiation into the blockchain world in April 2021.

A Nod to the Stalwarts of LaikaVerse

The Laikanauts Airdrop was exclusively dedicated to the Laikanauts – the true blue community members who have accompanied and supported Laika's blockchain journey from its infancy. This wasn't just another airdrop. It was a tribute to the unwavering faith and support of the Laikanauts.

Phases of the Subscription Process

The subscription for this special airdrop was meticulously conducted in two separate phases. The first phase spanned from March 8th, 2023, to April 8th, 2023. Following a brief interlude, the second phase commenced on July 28th, 2023, and concluded on September 1st, 2023.

Of the 500,000,000 LAIKA tokens allocated for this purpose, a staggering 490,546,474.887 LAIKA were claimed by the Laikanauts, leaving a minimal surplus behind.

What Happens to the Unclaimed Tokens?

The community-first approach of the LaikaVerse ensures that any unclaimed tokens from this airdrop don't go to waste. These remaining tokens will be judiciously returned to the community treasury. The objective behind this is to redistribute these unclaimed tokens in future airdrops, ensuring maximum community participation and benefit.

What's Next for the Laikanauts?

Following the token launch, Laikanauts will be granted access to claim any available tokens. While further intricate details about the LAIKA token launch remain under wraps for now, the LaikaVerse community is assured that they will be made privy to these details later this month.

The Journey Ahead

Laika's voyage in the vast expanse of the decentralization universe is far from over. If anything, it's just the beginning. As the LaikaVerse community looks ahead, it does so with immense gratitude towards the Laikanauts. Their faith, support, and enthusiasm have been the driving force behind Laika's journey, and the LaikaVerse aims to continue to recognize and reward this loyalty.

In conclusion, while the universe of decentralization is vast and filled with countless stars, Laika shines the brightest, thanks to the continued support of her community, the Laikanauts. As the journey progresses, the bond between Laika and her loyalists is only set to grow stronger, forging a legacy that will be remembered throughout the blockchain cosmos.

Laika to space!