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Explore the Boundless Potential of LaikaVerse, Now on iOS and Android

The LaikaVerse team is pleased to announce the launch of the LaikaVerse mobile app, available on both Android and iOS platforms. Our new mobile app includes full Web3 functionality and an API entirely built in-house, offering endless future-proof possibilities within the world of blockchain technology.

Thanks to the efforts of our lead Web3 and front-end developer, AFatalError, you will soon be able to access Laika anywhere you go — yes, even in space!

The LaikaVerse mobile app has been submitted for approval on both iOS and Android platforms and will be available for download within two weeks of this announcement. Initially, our mobile app will launch with limited functionality, including portfolio holdings tracking, live market data for our token, LAIKA, and access to news and additional information related to the project.

Additional functionalities such as our upcoming staking pools (stay tuned for more news regarding our pools very soon!) will be accessible directly via our app, and further services will continue to be added over time, establishing the LaikaVerse mobile app as the central hub for all things Laika. The team will have a detailed technical report and white paper available at, which will outline in detail the technical specifications and capabilities of the LaikaVerse app in the coming weeks.

The launch of the LaikaVerse Mobile App also marks a new direction for the LaikaVerse project. As always, DeFi moves fast, and so must Laika. To account for the latest developments in the blockchain space, we will soon be updating our website and mobile app with a brand-new roadmap, upcoming services, and other relevant information. The first of these services will be decentralized pools, allowing projects to provide a unique staking solution for their holders while also ensuring that the LaikaVerse team has access to a service-driven revenue stream, to solidify the long-term development of the project. Our lead Solidity and back-end developer, 0xBoots, is currently working on the contracts required for this capability, focusing on security and scalability. Additional news will be available once our staking pools enter the testing stage.

As always, we want to thank our community for their continued support. Laika’s journey would not be possible without our dedicated community members, who have followed Laika on her adventures for over two years. Laika represents more than just a token or a service; Laika embodies our community's commitment to learning, exploring, and innovating, and most importantly, to never giving up in the pursuit of pushing the boundaries of what is possible. On behalf of the LaikaVerse team, thank you, happy holidays, and here’s to many more years of Laika adventures!

Laika to space!

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LAIKA is preparing for launch on October 30th!

LaikaVerse Image

At the heart of LaikaVerse are three defining principles:

  • Learning: In the dynamic landscape of cryptocurrency, we prioritize continuous learning. Staying updated with the latest trends, technologies, and insights is paramount for us. It ensures we make informed decisions and share accurate, up-to-date knowledge with our community.
  • Exploration: Drawing inspiration from Laika's pioneering journey into space, we're driven to explore the vast potentials of blockchain technology. With every project phase, we venture into new territories, eager to find innovative solutions and create value for our users.
  • Innovation: We're not just followers of existing technology; we're innovators. Our team continually strives to push technological boundaries, aiming to offer our community cutting-edge platforms and tools.

LAIKA Token Launch: A New Beginning on Pinksale

Our anticipated token launch on October 30th at 1 PM UTC represents a pivotal moment for LaikaVerse. This isn't just a token release; it's the first step in our roadmap, showcasing our commitment to our vision and community. We've chosen Pinksale as the platform to facilitate our token launch, a testament to the strength of our principal partnership. Pinksale's credibility and technical prowess ensure a smooth and secure launch process, and we're excited to embark on this journey with them by our side.


Strategic Partnerships: Amplifying LaikaVerse's Potential

LaikaVerse understands the importance of strategic collaborations in achieving ambitious milestones. Each of our partnerships brings unparalleled value, expertise, and resources that will strengthen our foundation and elevate our project. Here’s a closer look at our esteemed partners:

  • Pinksale: Our collaboration with Pinksale goes beyond just presale management. Pinksale, a recognized platform for facilitating token presales, will orchestrate a robust marketing campaign tailored for LaikaVerse. Their extensive network and expertise in the crypto arena ensures that LaikaVerse gains optimal visibility and reaches potential investors and enthusiasts across the globe.
  • DexView: In the volatile landscape of cryptocurrency, maintaining consistent market visibility post-launch is imperative. DexView, a leading platform offering market insights and analytics, partners with us to provide a continuous pulse on market trends, investor sentiments, and performance metrics. Their suite of tools and data-driven insights will be instrumental in steering LaikaVerse's growth trajectory and ensuring market resilience.
  • Solidproof: Security remains at the forefront of our priorities. In an era where trust is paramount, our alliance with Solidproof serves as an assurance to our community. Solidproof, renowned for its rigorous audit processes, will be examining our systems and protocols, ensuring that we uphold the highest standards of security, transparency, and operational integrity.

With a combined marketing value surpassing $50,000, these partnerships symbolize more than just collaborations. They are a reflection of our dedication, our foresight, and our unwavering commitment to deliver the best to our community.

The LaikaVerse Mobile App: Your Gateway to Next-Gen Crypto Experience

One week after our token's inaugural launch, we will introduce the LaikaVerse Mobile App, a tool designed to redefine the crypto-user experience and available on both iOS and Android platforms. This application isn't merely a utility; it's an evolution. Here's what you can anticipate:

  • Direct Blockchain Interaction: Our app will enable users to connect directly with the blockchain, streamlining transactions and facilitating seamless crypto exchanges.
  • Advanced Analytics Dashboard: Our in-app analytics tools will offer real-time insights, price alerts, and detailed breakdowns of your portfolio.
  • Integrated Future Platforms Access: The app will offer direct, privileged access to upcoming platforms like the Nexus, Stargate, and Academy.
  • User-Centric Design: Whether you're a crypto-veteran or a newbie, the app's design ensures ease of use without compromising on functionalities.
  • Secure Wallet Integration: Prioritizing the safety of users' assets, the app will feature advanced security protocols ensuring utmost protection.

Honoring Laika:

Laika's space journey is an emblem of bravery, determination, and the thirst for discovery. Her voyage serves as a poignant reminder of the courage to tread uncharted paths. On November 3rd, as we commemorate the anniversary of her pioneering orbit around the Earth, LaikaVerse has special activities and tributes planned to honor her legacy.


This day is not just a reflection of her voyage but an echo of what she represents for our project and community – the relentless pursuit of knowledge, the spirit of exploration, and the boundless possibilities that come with it. Our community will join hands in various engagements, celebrating the synergy between Laika's spirit and the core values of LaikaVerse: to learn, to explore, and to innovate. As we take this day to remember her contributions, we're also reigniting the flame of exploration she lit, propelling our community to look beyond the horizons and dream bigger than ever.

The LAIKA Token Contract: Ensuring Technical Integrity and Community Trust

The official LAIKA token contract address is: 0xf2C9c8e016A511EB0BF4823e340c3567d6De1390


For further trust-building, SolidProof will conduct an in-depth audit, ensuring the contract meets the highest security and functional standards. We invite our community to review the contract details on BscScan, strengthening our commitment to a community-centric approach.

Engage with LaikaVerse:

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In the ever-evolving world of blockchain and decentralization, tokens and airdrops are not just seen as mere assets or transactional benefits, but also as a way of acknowledging, appreciating, and rewarding loyal community members. In line with this ethos, the LaikaVerse recently conducted the much-anticipated Laikanauts Airdrop Whitelist Subscription, in recognition of the community's continued support since Laika's initiation into the blockchain world in April 2021.

A Nod to the Stalwarts of LaikaVerse

The Laikanauts Airdrop was exclusively dedicated to the Laikanauts – the true blue community members who have accompanied and supported Laika's blockchain journey from its infancy. This wasn't just another airdrop. It was a tribute to the unwavering faith and support of the Laikanauts.

Phases of the Subscription Process

The subscription for this special airdrop was meticulously conducted in two separate phases. The first phase spanned from March 8th, 2023, to April 8th, 2023. Following a brief interlude, the second phase commenced on July 28th, 2023, and concluded on September 1st, 2023.

Of the 500,000,000 LAIKA tokens allocated for this purpose, a staggering 490,546,474.887 LAIKA were claimed by the Laikanauts, leaving a minimal surplus behind.

What Happens to the Unclaimed Tokens?

The community-first approach of the LaikaVerse ensures that any unclaimed tokens from this airdrop don't go to waste. These remaining tokens will be judiciously returned to the community treasury. The objective behind this is to redistribute these unclaimed tokens in future airdrops, ensuring maximum community participation and benefit.

What's Next for the Laikanauts?

Following the token launch, Laikanauts will be granted access to claim any available tokens. While further intricate details about the LAIKA token launch remain under wraps for now, the LaikaVerse community is assured that they will be made privy to these details later this month.

The Journey Ahead

Laika's voyage in the vast expanse of the decentralization universe is far from over. If anything, it's just the beginning. As the LaikaVerse community looks ahead, it does so with immense gratitude towards the Laikanauts. Their faith, support, and enthusiasm have been the driving force behind Laika's journey, and the LaikaVerse aims to continue to recognize and reward this loyalty.

In conclusion, while the universe of decentralization is vast and filled with countless stars, Laika shines the brightest, thanks to the continued support of her community, the Laikanauts. As the journey progresses, the bond between Laika and her loyalists is only set to grow stronger, forging a legacy that will be remembered throughout the blockchain cosmos.

Laika to space!

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LaikaVerse Update: Gearing up for the LAIKA token Launch , Mobile App Rollout, and Aiming Beyond the Stars

In the LaikaVerse, every star twinkles with the chance to learn, every galaxy resonates with the spirit to explore, and every token pulsates with the drive to innovate.

LaikaVerse Image

The Digital Frontier: Web and Mobile Overhaul

In this age of digital progression, establishing a commanding online presence is essential. Our website, often the primary touchpoint for many Laikanauts, is undergoing a transformation under the expert guidance of AFatalError. His deep understanding of web3 technologies ensures that every user enjoys a seamless experience. And it doesn't stop there; he's also spearheading our mobile application development, ensuring the LaikaVerse is accessible anywhere, anytime. Simultaneously, 0xBoots, our Lead Solidity Developer, is neck-deep in finalizing the contract deployment. His role is critical, ensuring that our token architecture is both robust and secure.

As digital realms evolve, the importance of a vibrant and interactive online platform cannot be overstated. Our website serves as a transparent channel, echoing our values, goals, and developments, ensuring everyone is kept in the loop. Our users, also known as Laikanauts, also remain our priority. By actively integrating community feedback and understanding user journeys, our team is crafting an interface that's intuitive and engaging, ensuring a rewarding experience with every visit.

Spotlight on Laikanaut Whitelist Airdrop Subscriptio

Our journey so far has been enriched by our community's unparalleled enthusiasm. The recent success of the Laikanaut Whitelist Airdrop Subscription stands testament to this collective zeal. These milestones fortify the bond between LaikaVerse and its members. Valuing our community also goes beyond just dispensing rewards. It's about recognizing perseverance, dedication, and commitment. As we edge closer to our token launch, mechanisms are in place to ensure every supporter can seamlessly claim their rewards once the LAIKA token launch is complete.

The Pillars of Trust: SolidProof KYC, Audit, and Strategic Alliances

LaikaVerse Image

In the ever-shifting landscapes of cryptocurrency, security and transparency stand paramount. Our partnership with SolidProof, fortified with rigorous audits and KYC processes, underlines our dedication to these principles. Each alliance we forge nudges us closer to our overarching vision. By synergizing with like-minded entities, we're laying the foundation for a diversified and integrated digital universe. In order to do this, we're in discussion with several major platforms regarding further partnerships and opportunities to expand and continuously improve the LaikaVerse ecosystem.

The Mobile Dimension: LaikaVerse On-the-Go

As the world shifts towards mobile-first experiences, the LaikaVerse mobile app, crafted under AFatalError's expertise, promises to deliver the essence of LaikaVerse to your fingertips. Expect real-time updates, comprehensive token management, and a myriad of features tailored for the mobile user. The LaikaVerse mobile app release will occur in parallel with the LAIKA token launch.

The LAIKA Token Launch on BSC: An Air of Anticipation

The culmination of our efforts is rapidly approaching: the LAIKA token launch on the Binance Smart Chain. This isn't just another token release; it's the culmination of months of dedication and hard work. And for those awaiting specifics – all details, including the official launch date for the LAIKA token, will be unveiled later this month.

Every venture in LaikaVerse is a testament to the trust and support of our community. As we gear up for this significant phase, our gratitude knows no bounds. Thank you for journeying with us through the vast expanse of possibilities. Together, we'll continue reaching for the stars.

Laika to space!

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Celebrating two years with the LaikaVerse

I. Introduction

LaikaVerse has come a long way since its inception two years ago. With our new focus on creating a unique blend of blockchain technology and gaming, LaikaVerse is creating an ecosystem that promises to revolutionize the way we view finance and entertainment. In this article, we'll celebrate the two-year anniversary of the LaikaVerse community and share the latest updates regarding the project's progress towards its launch.

II. Celebrating Two Years of LaikaVerse

The LaikaVerse community has been an essential part of the project's success. The community is made up of dedicated individuals who are passionate about the project and its vision for a space-themed ecosystem that is engaging and rewarding for Laikanauts. As we celebrate the two-year anniversary of the LaikaVerse community, we want to express our gratitude for the support and enthusiasm that the community has shown us.

III. LaikaVerse Mobile App Update

The LaikaVerse mobile app is expected to be a game-changer for the project. With this app, Laikanauts will be able to monitor their earnings and interact with the GameFi and DeFi features of the LaikaVerse directly from their mobile devices. The app will also allow Laikanauts to stay up to date on the latest LaikaVerse news. We are excited about the upcoming launch of the mobile app and believe it will enhance the Laikanauts' experience.

Laikanauts to space!

IV. Laikanauts Preview

Laikanauts NFT tokens will generate a resource known as "Bone," which will be used to earn more Laika and to participate in other parts of the LaikaVerse ecosystem. Laikanauts will play a significant role in the upcoming decentralized freelancer marketplace, which will allow them to hire freelancers and pay them with Laika. We believe that the Laikanauts are essential to the success of the LaikaVerse ecosystem, and we are committed to making sure that their experience is engaging and rewarding.

V. New Member Introduction

We are excited to introduce Dani, the newest advisor to the LaikaVerse team. Dani has a wealth of experience in the crypto space and has served as a recruiter at Avalabs in the past. With her knowledge and expertise, she will help guide the LaikaVerse project to new heights.

VI. What the Team is Currently Working On

Our team is composed of dedicated and experienced individuals who are working tirelessly to make the project a reality. 0xBoots, the first developer, is finalizing the Laikanauts contract, while FatalError, the second developer, is testing the LaikaVerse mobile app and updating the website. Both developers are also working on several additional DeFi and GameFi features that will be announced soon. Dark Seer, the project lead, and Dani, the new advisor, are working on the roadmap and finalizing the features for the decentralized freelancer marketplace.

Laika to space!


We are excited to announce the next LaikaVerse AMA, which will be held in a couple of weeks. The AMA will allow the community to meet the team directly and ask questions about the project's progress and future plans. We believe that community engagement is essential to the success of the LaikaVerse project, and we look forward to hearing from the community.

VIII. Launch Details

The LaikaVerse team is committed to making the launch as fair and accessible as possible for all members of the community. Once the Laikanauts contract is finalized in the next few weeks, we will release more information about the presale and the platforms on which they will be held. We are excited about the upcoming launch of the project and look forward to seeing the LaikaVerse ecosystem grow and thrive.

IX. Conclusion

LaikaVerse is exploring the galactic frontier of finance and entertainment. Our goal is to offer a unique blend of blockchain technology and gaming and revolutionize the way we view these industries. The LaikaVerse mobile app, the Laikanauts NFT tokens, the LAIKA governance token and the decentralized freelancer marketplace are just a few of the features that make the LaikaVerse ecosystem engaging and rewarding for Laikanauts. We are grateful for the support and enthusiasm of the LaikaVerse community, and we look forward to continuing to work with them as we launch the project.

Laika to space and let's see where the stars take us next!

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LaikaVerse, a blockchain-based project on the Binance Smart Chain,focused on creating immersive and interactive experiences for users, is pleased to announce the opening of its whitelist subscription process. This event marks an important milestone for the project as it prepares for the launch of its native token, LAIKA, on the Binance Smart Chain in the coming months. The subscription process will run from March 9 to April 8, 2023, and is open to all eligible LAIKA Legacy Token holders.


  • Whitelist Subscription Start Date: March 9, 2023
  • Whitelist Subscription End Date: April 8, 2023
  • Eligible Participants: LAIKA Legacy Token Holders

To join the whitelist, eligible participants must visit the LaikaVerse website at and connect with the wallet that held LAIKA legacy tokens as of April 27, 2022. Once connected, they can click on the airdrop button at the top of the page to start the verification process. Participants will then be directed to a pop-up page where they can verify their eligibility, view additional information such as their participation status, and the number of tokens they can claim upon the launch of LAIKA token.

The LAIKA legacy token was distributed to early investors and community members who supported the project during its initial stages. These holders, known as Laika Pioneers, will be able to participate in the whitelist subscription process and claim their tokens upon the launch of the LAIKA token. LaikaVerse aims to create an inclusive community that shares its vision of building a unique blockchain ecosystem. The subscription process allows the LaikaVerse team to reward its early supporters and ensure that they have a stake in the project's success.

In addition, those who missed out on the initial LAIKA legacy token distribution can still participate in the airdrop process. By visiting the LaikaVerse website and interacting with the airdrop page, they will be automatically entered into future airdrops, which will be announced at a later date. The LaikaVerse team acknowledges the importance of community engagement and is committed to providing opportunities for everyone to participate in the project.

The LaikaVerse team is excited to welcome new members to its community and invites them to join Laika on her journey to learn, explore, and innovate. LaikaVerse is a blockchain-based project that focuses on creating immersive and interactive experiences for users. It aims to bridge the gap between the real and virtual world by offering a unique blend of gaming, social, and financial features. Visit our website or follow us on social media to stay up to date with the latest LaikaVerse news.

Laika to space!

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On April 27, 2021, Laika began her intergalactic journey in the blockchain universe with three specific goals in mind:

To Learn, Explore and Innovate.


Since then, Laika has traversed bridges between different universes, met new adventurers along the way, and found a new home known as the LaikaVerse. Laika now enters a new stage of her journey in the world of blockchain technology, continuing her goal of going where no man, or dog, has gone before. To achieve this, the LaikaVerse team is focused on providing a diverse ecosystem with a variety of services and features focused around education, exploration and innovation.

Here is Laika’s short term trajectory, with six different phases to our roadmap.

Phase 1: LaikaVerse App Launch

We have already launched the beta version of the LaikaVerse mobile app on iOS and Android. Users will soon be able to access data relevant to the LaikaVerse such as asset tracking, analytics, GameFi notifications, updates and more. The LaikaVerse mobile app is now live and available for testing as we prepare for a full release.

Stage 1 Stage 1-2 Stage 1-3

Phase 2: Nexus Launch

The Nexus is your home in the LaikaVerse and the place where you can explore all of the latest features that the platform has to offer. The decentralized application will be available for testing soon on our website

Stage 2

Phase 3: Laikanauts Collection Launch

Laikanauts are the characters of the LaikaVerse. Laikanauts provide holders with unique benefits as they explore the LaikaVerse as well as access to a variety of GameFi features.

Stage 3

Phase 4: LAIKA Token Launch

LAIKA is the governance token within the LaikaVerse ecosystem. It provides access to platform features, voting power, and unique perks exclusive to LAIKA holders.

Stage 4

Phase 5: Academy Launch

The Academy is the Decentralized Autonomous Organization of the LaikaVerse and Laika’s way of ensuring that the future of the project is decided in a transparent and decentralized manner led by the community.

Stage 5

Phase 6: Stargate Launch

The Stargate is a Decentralized Freelancer Marketplace which connects freelancers and clients in a secure, fair, and decentralized manner. The stargate will introduce a variety of new unique systems such as Escrow, Conflict Resolution, Mediators and more. The Stargate launch will signal the end of Stage one of the LaikaVerse roadmap as well as mark a major milestone for the community and for Laika.

Stage 6

Join us on February 26, 2023 at 6PM EST for an exclusive AMA with the LaikaVerse team, hosted on our Telegram channel at The podium will be open to the community to directly ask the core team questions regarding the future of the LaikaVerse. The best questions will be archived in the FAQ section of our wiki page. Additional news and surprises will also be revealed at this time.


Visit our website or follow us on social media to stay up to date with the latest LaikaVerse news. Laika to space!